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The Center for Authentic Autonomous Relationships and Existence (CAARE) Counseling and Consultation, LLC opened its doors officially February 2020, however, it has been the brain-child of its founder, Cameron Mazzeo, since his young adulthood. Finding little help grappling with his own sexuality, gender identity, and alternative relationships was the seed for a mental health agency dedicated to celebrating individuals and families outside of the monogamous, vanilla, cisgender, heteronormative story that so often is the sole narrative of our society and media. While our beginning is certainly a slow and humble one, a hope of growing into larger organization exists. 

About Me

Cameron has been an out and proud advocate, educator, and mentor for the LGBTQ+ Community for the last 10 years. He has spoken before the NJ State Senate on behalf of the Babs Siperstein Law, presented for numerous mental health and substance abuse organizations about LGBTQ needs and disparities, has been a board member of the local PFLAG Chapter for the last few years, And part of the steering committee for the LGBTQ Older Adult Project through Monmouth University. Cameron has been a social worker since 2011, and finally obtained his NJ- LCSW in 2018 and MA-LICSW 2021. By then, he was already a fairly well known LGBTQ specialist in Monmouth County. Cameron's practice continued to expand to include non-monogamous and kink relationships. He uses a variety evidence based treatment modalities simultaneously to address the complex needs of his clients. His practices is guided by his values and beliefs in equity, body integrity, and harm reduction.

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Cameron Mazzeo


Therapy Session
Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the mental health and well-being for all individuals within the community.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for all unique individuals feel their life choices respected and valued.

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