Outpatient Therapy Services​

Outpatient therapy, whether individual or as a group, is focused on identifying struggles, processing the origins and patterns, and learning ways better ways to cope with them.

Initial Assessments are approximately 50 minutes long while on-going session are about 45 minutes long.

TeleMental Health is available

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy is a singular goal focused intervention, where therapist and client create clear concrete objectives, and then the client is given homework between sessions to reach those objectives.


This services is focused on a single individual, but it can include a team of supports (family, friends, counselors, etc.) to help reach your objective. It must be prearranged for supports to accompany the client (either to address a specific objective or in the case of some minors to address logistics).

Initial coaching session is approximately 35 minutes, and on-going sessions are 30 minutes.

TeleMental Health is available

Finances Can be daunting. If you are interested in an appointment but find the cost is a deterrent please call the main number to talk about available options.

Surgical and Hormonal Assessment

This assessment is specifically for Transgender and other individuals in the gender-diverse community when a mental health letter is necessary for medical interventions.

An Assessment is typically completed into 1 or 2, 50 minute sessions. A signed letter is added to your patient portal for you to download at your convenience in approximately 10 business days.